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My Review is an opportunity to discuss the goals you have for your money in a friendly conversation. If you feel like you’re a little off course or you need to refocus, this is a great chance to get help on a range of subjects including saving or planning for the future. You can have a review in branch, over the phone or by our video appointment service Skipton Link.

How to book

  • Step 1

    Call us or book a time for us to call you back so we can arrange a time for your appointment.

  • Step 2

    Have your appointment with one of our colleagues, tell them about your future goals and what you'd like to achieve with your money.

  • Step 3

    Review your options and get back to us when you've decided. Absolutely no pressure, that's a promise.

Book a My Review

Why book?

Many of our customers use our My Review service to talk about their financial plans. These are some of the questions they ask us:

What can I achieve in a My Review?

My Review is a chance to talk about your money, whether it’s your savings, retirement funds or both. We can help check if your money is on track to reach your savings goals. And, if after the conversation we feel you could benefit from financial advice we can make an appointment for you to speak to one of our Financial Advisers.

What's the best way to save for my children's future?

Everyone has different goals. We can talk about what your savings are for and we could help you put a plan together to suit you and your family's future.

What can I do now, so I don't burden my children in the future?

We'll use your My Review conversation to talk about your goals and saving for the future. If we feel you might benefit from financial advice, we can make you an appointment with one of our financial advisers to discuss things such as inheritance tax if it's relevant to you.

How safe is my money?

We've been helping people save since 1853 and have weathered a few storms along the way. Over a million customers trust us as a good place for their money and your eligible deposits with Skipton Building Society are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Visit for full details.

Yvonne's quote

Everyone wants to know their money is working hard for them. Some customers might be nervous they're not doing enough to save for their future. Others might be retired and keen to make their money last. It's my job to see if we can help them achieve their goals based on their current circumstances.

Yvonne Stephenson, Customer Relationship Consultant, Ilkley branch

To book a My Review

Request a call back

Complete our "Book a My Review" call back request and we will call you to book your review

Phone us

If you’re ready to see how we can help you, call us to book your appointment.

Please note that some areas of Inheritance Tax Planning are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We'll give you options, answers and the time you need.

We won’t pressure you into taking our products or services, or recommend anything that we don’t think is right for you. That’s a promise to you from everyone who works at Skipton.

Our No Pressure Promise
No Pressure Promise
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