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Track your mortgage application

Please note:

If we've recently received information there may be a short delay in this showing in your search result, whilst it's being processed.

  • To view the current status of your application please enter the account number for the new mortgage or remortgage and the post code of the new mortgage address.

What does it mean?

Minimum submission
The minimum amount documentation that is needed for us to be able to review and underwrite your mortgage application.
Case underwritten
This means your application has been reviewed by a member of our mortgage underwriting team.
An inspection of a property required by the lender for mortgage purposes to check it’s worth what they’re going to lend you to purchase it.
Certificate of title
A report sent by your conveyancer to us to confirm the legal title of the property is satisfactory and to request the release of your mortgage funds.

Have you registered for Skipton Online?

You can register for Skipton Online today. Once your mortgage has completed you can view your mortgage balance, monthly payments and your annual mortgage statement.

If you register for Skipton Online you will also be able to download our mobile app, to view your mortgage balance and monthly payments. To see the full list of mortgage features available on Skipton Online and in the mobile app, take a look at our Online Services.

Online Services

Have you arranged your Home Insurance yet?

Give your home the protection it deserves with our Moneyfacts 5 star rated Protect Plus home insurance.

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