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The Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

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For more than 169 years, we’ve believed in building a better future – for everyone. Now as the humanitarian crisis grows in Ukraine, that future is being put under threat for many families. In line with the current situation, we wholeheartedly commit to our customers wanting to offer space in their homes to refugees as part of the government 'Homes for Ukraine' scheme.

The details of the Government scheme may be subject to change and we’ll update our information accordingly in line with any developments.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor as part of the government homes for Ukraine scheme, you should: -

  • Read through the government’s FAQs on the scheme and register your interest on the official website
  • Make sure you understand the requirements of the government scheme, and the practicalities of your role in supporting a guest under the scheme.
  • Following eligibility checks, if your case is approved, you’ll receive confirmation from the Department for Levelling-up, Housing & Communities (DLUHC).

Our lending criteria and mortgage terms and conditions will remain the same, but we’ll need you to let us know if someone will be living in your house under the scheme.

Before the Ukrainian National(s) arrive at your property, you should: -

  • Notify us of your participation in the scheme by emailing You should provide your mortgage account number and the number of people being hosted. Once we’ve received your email, we’ll be in touch to confirm this has been processed.
  • Contact your home insurance provider independently, to ensure your household insurance will remain valid.
  • If you live in a leasehold property, check with your freeholder/ management company to ensure that they are also supporting the scheme.
  • If you have a Shared Ownership mortgage with us, you should also contact your Housing Association.

Although the government doesn’t say that you must use a formal agreement with your guest as part of the sponsorship scheme, it has produced a model agreement, which it believes could be helpful in ensuring all parties are clear on the terms of the arrangement. As your mortgage lender, we require you to use the model agreement.

You automatically have our consent as your mortgage lender for you to host a guest under this scheme which is subject to the following:

  • By participating in the scheme you understand that you must maintain your mortgage payments and will inform us of any changes in your circumstances.
  • We require that you use the government’s model agreement, which can be found within the Homes for Ukraine FAQs. We do not need to see a copy of the agreement.
  • You are not in payment difficulties. If you are having payment difficulties we may still be able to provide consent, however you will need you to contact us to discuss this first. Contact our Credit Management Team either via our payment difficulties page, or call us on 0345 850 1766.
  • If you have any concerns or questions about how participation in the scheme could affect you beyond your mortgage, please see the government’s Homes for Ukraine frequently asked questions or seek professional advice. We cannot provide such advice.

If you’re in financial difficulty or behind with your mortgage payments, you should think carefully before applying to become a sponsor, given the additional costs that having more people in your home will incur. For example, if you are facing legal action you should not consider this scheme. If your mortgage is in arrears, you should discuss your circumstances with us first by contacting our Credit Management Team either via our payment difficulties page or call us on 0345 850 1766.

You can donate too

The Disasters Emergency Committee estimate that 18 million people will be affected by the conflict in Ukraine, with 4 million of those displaced from their homes.

We’ve already pledged £50,000 to the humanitarian effort. And where possible we will also open the doors of our own vacant properties to Ukrainian families.

You can donate to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal safely and securely through Skipton Building Society. Online, over the phone or in branch.

How to donate

Simply pop into any of our branches or call our team on 0345 850 1722 to donate money into a dedicated account set up for the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

Or, donate online with the following details:

  • Sort code: 20-78-91
  • Account number: 70798924
  • Reference: 997580860.

We’re also contacting our Ukrainian customers to offer them financial help and support if needed.

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