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Customer Research

It’s important that our customers feel like they have a voice and that we listen to their feedback. That’s why our research is key as it allows us to understand our customers and improve areas of our service that they might be concerned about.

Providers we work with

Customer opinions are extremely important to us so we work with independent research companies to help us understand how happy our customers are and how we can improve the service we provide.

Two providers that we work with regularly are Trinity McQueen and Davies , though we may also occasionally work with other research partners.

Through a combination of email, SMS, face to face, video and occasional telephone research, often following a recent interaction with us, we’re able to respond quickly to the changing needs of our customers.

If you’re selected to take part in our research, we or one of our research partners will get in touch with you to ask if you’re happy to share your views.

Trinity McQueen
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Customer Panel

Our Customer Panel provides an opportunity for customers to share their thoughts and to help shape the future direction of the Society. This might be of interest if you’d like to take part in our research on a regular basis. Some of the initiatives that the panel have helped us with are mentioned below.

Lifetime ISA

We asked 5,000 Lifetime ISA customers saving for their first home about the type of support they’d like to see us offer.

Their feedback means we’re in a better position to help those making the transition into becoming home owners.

Skipton Link

Through listening to our customers we introduced Skipton Link as a way to communicate.

Customers can now talk to us about savings, mortgages and financial advice via video appointment from the comfort of their own home.

Talking to our customers

We aim to send communications that are relevant and sent at appropriate times.

Through previous research we’ve asked customers what they want to hear about from Skipton and how often we should be getting in touch.

Join our Customer Panel

Join our panel, tell us what you think and help us design products and services for our customers.

What's involved

  • We might ask you to take part in research, but only if we believe it’s relevant to you
  • You’ll receive up to four newsletters a year about the difference your feedback is making and about our current research
  • We'll usually get in touch by email

Join our Customer Panel

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